Monday, 2 January 2012

Reading mainly Kristen Ashley

So New years eve was good, Didn't expect it to be as I was ill but I forced myself out with a few close friends and had a lovely night.... I have however since been in bed with a nasty virus I cant seem to shift. This had made me reflect on illness.... I have had a very down year and probably had the most illnesses too but it also helped me see some positives to my last year.

The first and probably best and what my post is about is that I read a lot of books. I find reading such a great way to release the problems and frustrations I have and find it very easy to pick up a Book and venture into someone else's world.
I love a good Autobiography and this Year I started Sir Alan Sugar's, It has yet to be finished but I loved what I've read so far and was spouting out Allan Sugar Facts here there and every where.... Did you know Amstrad (his company) was made from his name A from Alan, M from Michael, (his middle name) S from Sugar and the TRAD is Trading - Alan Michael Sugar Trading = AMSTRAD. Love it :-)
I also read The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini plus his other Book A Thousand Splendid Suns. All of which I would highly recommend.

But there was one Author who totally blew me away this Year and that is Kristen Ashley
I am very lucky to class Kristen as my friend and as an added extra to this friendship she is also an amazing Author and so quite a few times last year I actually found myself saying "Thank the Lord for Kristen Ashley" She has helped me get through the most awful year ever and here is how.
Kristen is, I think an amazing writer, She is also very fast at what she does and on meeting her she had a published book out called Rock Chick, She has since published two more Rock Chick books in print but has changed to Ebook publishing and this year alone has released 24 Books!!!!( I have read 17 of them!!) I buy mine for my Kindle (on pc) from Amazon and they are an excellent price for the length and quality from just 77p ....can you believe that??. The other amazing thing she does is give you free chapters so you can sample before you buy. If you don't like you don't have to spend.
You can find all about her and the free samples here on her website
Here are a few of my Favourite Books;

All of the Rock Chick Books. They are a series of books starting with the Story of Lee and Indy and carrying through to different characters. These different stories of people kept me enthralled all the way through and whenever I started a new one, This couple automatically became my favourite,
They are an absolute must for people who never want a story to end. As each new book starts a new story with new people but all your old favourites come along too. Start with;
Rock Chick - Lee and Indy
Then in order
Rock Chick Rescue - Jet and Eddie der are
Rock Chick Redemption - Roxie and Hank
Rock Chick Renegade - Jules and Vance
Rock Chick Revenge - Ava and Luke
Rock Chick Reckoning - Stella and Mace
Rock Chick Regret - Sadie and Hector (I've not read yet)
Rock Chick Eight - Not yet published

Paranormal Series. I think these are my Favourites, They are based in National Trust properties around where I live and although they have Ghosts and reincarnation in, which I am not sure about, I just adore these books. I think Penmort Castle is my Favourite but it is very hard to say as they are all Fabulous. I have yet to read Fairytale come alive but is in my Kindle waiting :-) Here are the links to the series.

Penmort Castle - Cash Fraser and Abigail Butler
Sommersgate House - Douglas Ashton and his American sister in law Julia Fairfax
Lacybourne Manor - Royce Morgan and Beatrice Goodwin
Fairytale come alive - Prentice Cameron and Isabella Austin

Fantasyland Series Again this isn't the kind of Book I would go for but the way Kristen writes is just gripping. From start to finish these books just amazed me. My favourite was definitely The Golden Dynasty and even though I found it quite harsh in the beginning even I understood it was needed to get you to understand the world of Lahn. Again a must try and dont forget the free chapters if your not sure. Here are the links to this series;

Wildest Dreams - Seofin "Finnie" Wilde and Frey Drakkar
The Golden Dynasty - Circe and Lahn
Fantastical - Cora Goode and Noctorno (I've not read yet)

I could go on forever about Kristens books but I wont, I will however this year be trying to catch up with her and reading;
Rock Chick Regret, Fantastical, Fairytale come alive, The Crime series (already read "For You" and yes it too was amazing) and The Colorado Mountain Series. I am also looking forward to the release of Law man (Part of the Dream man series of which I am fully up to date with)
So really this was a bit of somewhere for me to keep track of what I have read and need to read but also if anyone loves reading I may have just sent them on a path of discovery to a very lovely and talented Author who will I promise give you joy for hours on end.
Enjoy reading it is a must for 2012 to find time to relax ...... this is something else I have learnt ;-) xx

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