Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Crochet Purse

Well it has been a while since my last post but I have been busy blogging behind the scenes. It appears for me to be easier to write lot's of different posts and keep adding to them until one is finished. I am finding it quite hard getting my photo's loaded and on. So lot's of writen posts waiting for photo's but I have now at last finished a whole
 post and it seems it is Crochet Week this Week :)
I have so many Crafts I love but just don't get the time or have the energy to do them much. So it is nice when I can. A couple of Weeks ago I saw a lovely purse done in Crochet and it stuck in my mind. I have had a love and the want to make a purse for a while actually. I bought a Magazine a few Months back with a free gift of a purse to sew and managed to get some purse clasps off my Facebook Group Craft items for sale or swap for 50p each!! So..... last week I set to making one. I have always been able to see something and make it and this also happens with Crochet. So I got my Hook and my fabulous free BERGERE DE FRANCE Wool out and started. It came out really well and I was so happy with it.

 As I crochet I nearly always try to write the pattern down as I go but it is quite tricky getting things exact. I have soooo many half written patterns stored on my laptop and written in books. This one I have manged to stick at and even worked hard on a 2.5 hour journey to London last week. I have also been at it again today but it is still not done. You would think counting stitches would be quite easy but the amount of times I have counted around my work is unbelievable! I am just about to now try and write the pattern out on the computer and then will need to Crochet it again to triple check it. (It is actually going to be the 4th time I have done it but triple just sounds better)

Work in progress

As it was made from looking, I had no idea what I was doing really and the top is a bit too tight so although it looks fine. It actually doesn't hang right. I will be unpicking this one to get it right.This is made in BERGERE DE FRANCE Jaspee Wool. It is 80% Acrylic and 20% Worsted Wool and is fabulous to Crochet with. You cant see any mistakes ha ha because of the pattern in the wool. Yet you can see your stitches fine. I was very lucky to find out about the offer on the BERGERE DE FRANCE website. This was a points system that when I signed up I got points. These converted to £10 off my first order. It took me a while to choose as there was is so much on the website but lucky I did, as a few weeks after signing up I got the most amazing catalogue from them. It has their actual wool as samples inside which is fantastic as you can feel and see what you are buying. You can still get the catalogue if you are a new sign up but I am not sure about the points. Here is a link to their website. Bergere de France. It may be worth signing up to see. I chose the Jaspee in Vague (Blue) and Comete (Pink) and COSMOS in Mauve ecru (Pink) and Jean ecru (Blue) postage is just £2.90 and I got all 4 balls of wool posted for £3.59 with my money off. How amazing is that!!! There are so many beautiful Wools on there and some really different textures. I chose these Colours to make Hats for Jackson and Bella but then decided to throw caution to the wind and use my "posh" Wool for my purses and I think they suit the Wool very well.  The only problem with this wool is it doesn't give you the thickness on the label. I judged it was an Aran thickness and as I was making up a purse it didn't really matter but if you were making garments, You would need to know exactly. I can't wait to use the Cosmos and may do on my 4th try :)


I have since done a Blue one in the same wool. This one is much better although I still learnt something when sewing this one up :)

My Blue Purse :)
 and this is my 3rd one done in Creative Cotton which is Aran weight.

 I think this looks stunning and would love to do them in all the Rainbow Colours. This Cotton comes in the most stunning Colours and I have worked with it a lot. I love the fact that it is Aran weight as it works up quickly and gives you that lovely chunky but not to thick look. I think it looks fab made up  into a purse.
I will hopefully over the next few Weeks finish my pattern and be able to put it up for sale. This will be a miracle as I have only ever finished and checked on pattern ever ha ha but I do have more faith in this one :)

Monday, 6 October 2014

Always on my mind

Getting back to my Blog has been on my mind for ages now. The thoughts have been coming stronger and stronger. Now they are coming as actual Blog posts. My mind is processing some of my thoughts as written out posts. So I think it must be time to get back here and write some things down before I go crazy :-)
I have so much I want to do/be but what with my illness I seem to have so little time to get things done.
Just a quick Paragraph about my illness as I don't want it to take over my Blog posts but as it is such a huge part of my life I am sure it will be mentioned a lot. I have Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndrome and it has been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia due to other symptoms of which I won't go into now but are equally exhausting/painful. It effects me daily and takes a huge chunk of my life away but I am trying to fight it :-)
So where to start??
I would like to Blog about my Creativity and things I make.
I would like to review items I use that I feel need a review.
I would like to talk more about my illness but not make my posts all about it.
I am also interested in bettering my diet and losing some weight. This at the moment is heading in the direction of wheat and dairy free but having tried this before and getting bored easily I am going to try and change over slowly with some healthy evening meals to start with and slowly making my diet wheat and dairy free. So this will possibly be blogged about as well.  I am not looking forward to losing my milk :-(
I would like to just talk generally about my life... That being I am 41 Years old. My body mostly feels 81 and my mind feels about 21. This makes my life a bit difficult as my brain is always engaging in new and exciting things and my body just wont follow. I have a beautiful Daughter Catherine, Who has given me Two beautiful Grandchildren Jackson and Bella who I am able to use as models for a few of my makes ha ha and no doubt they will be popping up a lot as they are my whole world.
Oh and I also enter the odd Competition so if I win anything I will no doubt also Blog about that :-)
Think that is a quick bio and game plan all sorted so let's get on with some photo's :-)
I love pictures in a blog post and would usually just scroll by if one it is just writing. Unless it is on a subject I am very interested in so I thought for my new Blog post I will leave you with a lovely couple of Collages of things I have made :-)

So as you can see I dabble in all sorts of Crafts. Lot's and Lot's ha ha and still have more I want to try. So hopefully I will have plenty to Blog about.
 If you are reading this, I thank you very much and please if you feel you can, leave a comment as I love to know who is about what you think.
Thank you 
I just want to leave you with this lol My spelling is quite bad and I often go to google to check things out as I hate bad GrGrammar I was having a problem with losing as it just felt to me like it needed two oo's as in loosing. I googled it and this is what I got from urban dictionary. My first chuckle of the day :-)
 loosing. You never use this word so please spell "losing" correctly from now on. You mean you are LOSING the war, not LOOSING you idiot!