Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cake making

Oooo dear. I have found yet another Crafty love.
Cake decorating!! I have always been interested in making cakes since I was very young. I wasn't very good but my Family always gave me great reviews for what I made. I have never been able to successfully make a Cake or Cupcakes, So as I enjoy it so much I started using Tesco value mix and then tried to decorate them. This again wasn't very successful. So I gave up lol that was until the beginning of this year when I decided to have another go. I had no faith what so ever in my Cake making ability so used a mix. I so enjoyed decorating them that it seemed a shame to not make my own Cakes. I was lucky enough to win Marian Keyes new book, Saved by Cake with a lot of fabulous Cake making ingredients and bakewear. 

This Book is fab it is really witty and the Cupcake receipe is  absolutely no fail. I use it every time and my Cupcakes come out the exactly the same each time,
Here are a few of my makes :-)

and then tonight I have just made this Cupcake Bouquet. I love it and am so happy with this new Craft.