Friday, 29 January 2010

Wow been a while but I have been busy. Here's a little of what I've been up to.

Finally managed to work out how to make these origami bowls. I found the instructions in a magazine ages ago but never got round to trying. Must admit it took me a few hours to work out exactly how to make them but I do love them. Works better with thinner, hand made papers.

Last Sunday was very quiet so I managed to make this little lot. Very pleased with them. Have not done too much Jewellery so glad to have a little play.

Have a few more things I have made will update more tomorrow.

Thursday, 14 January 2010

Amazing Blog and amazing giveaway

I have been following this site for a while now and you really should pop along as it is lovely.
Another good reason is the amazing giveaway. When you enter for it please pop my name in your comment as I then get an extra entry;-) Thank you. x Here's the link

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Well I have been without internet all day at work and have so much to show you.

First off I made another card using my minds eye papers. I really love these this time I used the bloom and go range.

The image is one I bought from here I have just found this site and love all her drawings.

The dots down the side look like brads but they are actually dots from Anita's Glitteration stickers.

I also tried a tutorial on how to make this card for my website. Just simple taking pictures as I went along. Not sure if it is any good but trying out new things all the time.

My website has been coming along nicely and will launch it soon on here. Just a few more things to add and although I haven't got everything on there I think it is ready to show people. It is really scary though worried in case it doesn't work properly but I wont know until I show people so fingers crossed.

Another make I have finished. I found the pattern here
I had a lot of laughs making this. I am not a skilled knitter
but thought I was better than I actually was. Did a bit of
Googling to remember how you pick up stiches and what not
Didn't realise I could forget things so quickly.
I put a little Jasmine oil on a tissue inside the stuffing
and it smells lovely.
Hoping to make more of these to sell in the shop.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Well I have been busy.

Gosh I have been really busy today and what with that blinkin snow it has taken up alot of my time. I had to clear the path to the shop in case someone came in. Look what happened!!!

Before you ask... no I haven't got any young children to amuse I made him all by myself. I am so proud. always hated the snow as a child it was to cold for me but I thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning. I can really see what fun can be had.

While I am frequently updating my blog I thought I would put my pictures on as well. Then everything is in the same place. I'll see how it goes and if too much will maybe start a different blog.

So here goes. The first one is the view from my window yesterday as the snow started.The Second is this morning. What a change and how beautiful.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010

First card for 2010

Ha ha I cant beleive I have actually done it!!!
A challenge card.
This is for the MSE challenge posted by Rainmac
It was a sketch challenge, Here is the sketch

And here is my card.

I used my6x6 My Minds Eye wild asparagus papers, some gold mirri board. A few Anita's Glitterations, Circle and square and some peel offs. Am really please with it. I was worried about the circle as I have no die cuts I find circles very hard to do but I put an Anita's cirle glitterations sticker on my paper and cut round it with my craft knife. Not perfect but ok.

Monday, 4 January 2010

What a lovely day I've had

Hi all,
This year as well as card making I plan to expand my craftyness. Sewing, Cooking and Crochet to name a few. My mum dropped her sewing machine off the other day for me and I plan to use it. Have signed up to this site and plan to hopefully follow. This week it's Carrot cake mmmm and as I have a shop I really need to be on top of things occaision wise. So have sorted my shop a little, Cleaned the windows (wow) and trying to get ready for Valentines day. (think this is the next big date on the diary).I didn't realise I had so many red things but I just needed a bit more red so I painted some glasses I had. Never done this before but was pretty pleased with them.
Here they are.

And here's my Valentines shelves.

Also popped into the Charity shop to see if I could get a table cloth, Came out with a lovely one for £1.50 two pillow cases to practice sewing on 25p and this!!!

It cost me £1.50 !!!! Everything was 1/2 price. I love it. Planning on sanding it down and recovering the top but even if I don't get round to that it's perfect for all my sewing makes.

One more quick amazing thing.... I got an e-mail yesterday from Crafty ribbons. I think it was the first 10 e-mails they received they would send out a free pack of Valentines ribbons. I e-mailed not expecting anything and got confirmation this morning that I am going to get a pack. I am well chuffed with this. Never take the time to enter things like this but my new year, new start is really working fine. Just got another e-mail from them with a tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers. If anyone is interested it is here.

Things are looking good.

Wendy. xx