Thursday, 5 January 2012

Cath, Kirstie, Cheese and BFF

How's this for an amazing Picture :-) and what makes it even more amazing is the books were free!! I saved up lots and lots of nectar points and exchanged them for Amazon Vouchers and with the last few pounds I got these two lovelies. They actually cost me 33p he he but....... they are still a great price if having to pay Kirstie was £8 + P&P and Cath was £8.29 + P&P although they did send them separately so will be contacting them to see if I can get a wee postage discount ;-)

Have you seen my new Tickers?? up there ↑ ↑ ↑  (ha ha do you like my arrows, I love learning new things)
I love them, One for weight loss and one for days of non Smoking. I got them from here weight one here and Smoking one here in case you would like one too.

Diet going well, I made Lasagne as per diet instructions last night, It was beauuutiful, No pic again lol
This is quite sad but I must say it is so lovely Cooking the tea at night, It really is lovely to have the "want" to do things again, Just little things like this a few Months ago... well just last Month, I had no energy or interest in doing anything and I mean anything. It was as though I had no reason to go on although I know I had 3 very special reasons too. It is lovely to have my "want" back and so nice to do things for my Parents again. It should be me looking after them not the other way round and I think that was the hardest thing to cope with was seeing them see me so bad. :'(

Anyway was Herby Cheese for dinner today;
Who would have thought chopping a tomato and adding some Basil to low fat Grated Cheese would make it into this yummy filling food item?? and I don't like Tomatoes!!! but for some reason hidden away under the Cheese it tasted quite Yummy and was far more filling than 1 piece of "Normal" Cheese on toast smothered with butter and fat from the Cheese dripping over the edges. Ponder that!!

Cricut has been out again today, Cutting Heart items, Photo's will follow later :-)
oh and been for Indian tonight with my BFF :-) Not on the diet but a fab catch up evening
Didn't sleep at all  last night so need to catch up tonight
Loving life
Night night. xx

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