Sunday, 16 November 2014


Well I have actually managed to make my first Chocolate explosion Cake and my first Chocolate explosion Bouquet. So I am declaring the next few days Chocolate time :)
The Cake was for my Brother's 50th Birthday and is not actually my first chocolate explosion one but it was my first pouring out one. It was actually really fun to make and was nice to not have to tackle fondant for a change.
Here are some piccies :)

We also had an event to go to and I have always wanted to make a Chocolate Explosion Bouquet but have just never got round to it. So last time I was at my suppliers I picked up a big florist box. It was so pretty and getting ready for the event I decided to get on and make one and I am so in love. This one cost's £15 but can make these from £10 up. They can be ordered from my Page All Things Sweet.
Here's the photo's of this one. I can remake these for any occasion. Boxes and Chocolates may vary but I will always make sure you are happy with what I make before I post.


As it is Chocolate time I thought I would also show you this :)

I bought it an event I did with All things Sweet. I have always wanted to make my own to try but sometimes you just have to give in and buy. Especially me as I have so many crafts I love I may never get to making this and would just be missing out. So I bit the bullet and got one. They come from Alotofchoc  if you click that link it should take you to their Facebook page where you can buy your own or browse their wares. So I thought I would do a little review on it :)
Like I said, I have always wanted to make some of these. I did dabble in Chocolate and still buy the odd chocolate mould for just in case. I know a little about Cacao and have some posh Chocolate in my Cupboard but I just couldn't resist buying these. The Chocolate looked fabulous on their stall. It was set out so you had a good view of all that was available and there was just enough choice. The lady was so knowledgeable and helpful and I got my choice down quite quickly (mainly because I am quite fussy) to the Duck l'orange and tonight I opened it :)

Well being a stuck in my ways kind of girl. It was a bit weird putting a chunk of Chocolate into a mug. I am usually putting it straight in my mouth or using powder to make my Hot chocolate. So was a bit surprised when I was told to just stir it into hot milk. I thought it was just an extra to my normal hot chocolate. So this I did and as it slowly melted away I quickly took it out and took a little bite..... I just couldn't resist. I couldn't see all that chocolate melt away before my eyes. My mind couldn't comprehend not biting into it. This made no difference to the end result as once the chocolate had fully melted off the spoon (o.k I did just lick the last bit off that just wouldn't seem to melt off) I tasted the milk and it was delightful. Like a smooth chocolatey drink that left you with a nice clean feeling mouth after. I have promised the second one to my daughter but I might just have to use it myself to get the sensation of this fully :)
I would just say to make sure your milk is really, really hot as I am a bit of a baby when it comes to hot drinks and so the chocolate took a while to melt and when it had fully melted it was just warm enough for me to drink. So next time I will actually do what it says and use Hot milk!! I will definitely be buying from Alotachoc again and really do advise you to have a try of their product as this one was delicious :)

Please note this review was done by myself. I bought this product and decided to review it and any thought whether good or bad is solely my own thought.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Snow White

My illness has yet again kept me away longer than planned but I have a nice Snow White post I have managed to write at last :)
My Granddaughter turned 1 in August and I have just got round to editing the photo's for my page. She had a Snow White Party. So of course Nanna here had to go all out :)
Catherine asked me if I could make Isabella a little outfit of which I got very excited as I could make a Tutu one. I was however let down with the top I ordered. So had to frantically Crochet one myself. I don't think the finished result is as good as if I had used a Ribbon Crochet top but I had to do what I had to do.

It was still very good for my first full Tutu dress. Isabella didn't like it though ha ha. So we have no pictures with it on. She was only 1 bless her. So will be trying it on again soon hopefully.
I also since started Cake making, make everyone a birthday Cake. So was also very excited for this as I could have a go at making my fist doll Cake with the Cake being the dress. I had a look on Google and decided I really wanted pleats on the dress and not just straight covered. I knew this was more difficult but I have to have what I want :) Apart from getting the Fondant a nice Yellow this Cake went surprisingly well and I was absolutely grinning from ear to ear at the result. I am never happy with my Cakes but this one passed my rather tough criteria :)

Oh.. I also made her a bow for her hair :) Just because I can. The photo doesn't do it any justice but It was very nice seen as though I am just learning. Catherine wanted Bella to be a bow wearer but just little ones. For this occasion though I thought I would make her a bigger statement bow.

Again, I have no photo of it on but I do plan to get one :) and just as a final touch I made a huge organza bow in Snow White Colours. Just to see what it would look like and again the photo doesn't do anything for it but it was big and fantastic.