Sunday, 15 January 2012

Catch up on everything,

It has been a little while..... I have been either poorly or busy :-) not, not wanting to post.... Which is good
I mentioned in an earlier Post that I made a Card with my Cricut and I would Post the Pic later.... Well you'll never guess what ahahah I forgot to take a Picture and the Card has gone to the Birthday Girl. So typical me.

I have however a lovey Ribbon Picture. I have ventured out... Just a little and bought some Ribbon to sell, I wondered why I never did this before, Ribbon is Beautiful, It doesn't have to be used lol Just looks lovely sitting there on it's reel and if People do want to buy off of me it is cheap to post, So an absolute genius moment for me :-D I have them for sale on my Facebook page here with a few other Valentines lovelies. I have also done what I believe to be a huge Money jump (gulp) and opened an ebay Shop. I have done this before when I had the bricks and mortar Shop and thought it was quite expensive at £14.99 with still having to pay listing fee's but with a Shop I can list several of the same item with one listing fee. So I will have to work hard and do lots of listings to try and sell enought to make a profit and cover that hefty charge. At least I am not overly stressed this time so can keep a better eye on things. I will post a link when I have a bit more listed.

The Diet has been going so so he he I don't feel the need to constantly starve myself or leave out the unhealthy food as
1. I have already lost 2 Stone
2. I have been so poorly with Virus after Virus and now a Cold, I deserve nice junk food as it makes me feel a little better
3. If I have to have a third reason I will think of another ;-)

This is a lovely Picture I took the other day. Ah afternoon tea, with a teapot makes me feel so special. I was just planning on settling down and making a Heart Garland (this has been made :-) and is currently being blocked as I write, Which is something very new to me and a whole Blog post on it's own coming soon)
Well will leave that there for now. Hoping I feel better soon.

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