Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Diet and smoking hmmmm and a bit of Craft in there too

Well I didn't intend to update my Blog daily but I feel as though I have something to say again today, So I will ;-)
Another positive to last year and being ill is that I have lost over 2 Stone from Feb. I wasn't trying, I  just went off my food. This means that entering 2012 I am the lightest I have been since being pregnant (21 Years!!)
Really nowhere near here lol but feeling good.

This went without much notice as I really didn't have much interest in myself but as the new year approaches, We as a Family have decided to diet. This for me is an excellent time as I have lost so much without trying I can now try and hopefully loose more. I do find loosing weight to kind of stop after a period of time and I am sure that time would have soon been on it's way if I did not make a change. Soooo for Christmas I bought my Dad the "Tesco online Diet" and we are all having a go. ( My Mum and Dad moved in with me Dec 2010 as I was so ill and this is the "all" I will be talking about ;-) )
I only started today as I have been poorly with the Virus and so for our Evening meal tonight we had Marinated Fish, Ratatouille with Natural Yoghurt, New Potatoes and Broccoli. This is soooo not the norm for me and I cooked it!!! which also is not normal lol. So it does seem that 2012's new start is really rocking here. I did forget to say the meal was delishhh and now I am Blogging really wish I took a photo but I will learn from this and carry my Camera everywhere from now on.
Also last year I eventually gave up Smoking..... This was not actually very hard as I only smoked between 3 and 10 a day and would never smoke until late afternoon but every time I "lit up" My "other self"would start talking to me, Saying I didn''t want to die I value my life to much so why smoke, I hate the smell and taste, so why smoke and more importantly I don't want to be a smelly Nanna :-) So 2 Weeks ago today I quit and have had no cravings or thoughts on wanting to again.... Happy days and clever me.

Oh and just quickly on a Craft note, Look what I got today,
Lovely Mr Liddl got his Card Pack in again, They are such a huge mahoosive bargain. 25 Seets of 270gsm Card for an amazing £1.99 .... Yes that is right £1.99... So I had to get 5 packs. This card cuts a dream on my Cricut and talking of Cricut look what came out to play today :-)

 I made a Card from scratch using The Craft Room and I am so chuffed that my Cardmaking mojo has come back. I am not putting a pic of the Card on yet in case my Friend see's but will do next week.
So there we go another day in the life of me, Wendy. xxxx

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