Thursday, 4 December 2014

Elf on the Shelf

Oh I have just not had the time or energy to update my Blog but I have loads to show you :)
I really, really wanted to make Jackson and Isabella an Elf for this Christmas and sourced the patterns knowing I could alter them a little if I tried. The male elf did look a bit scary haha!! and then I saw the current edition of Simply Crochet and on the front was a lovely looking elf!! and what seemed to be a fabulous looking Poncho!! That means surely if there are Two items on the cover I like I get to buy it...right?? Ha ha any excuse... Well it seemed everyone wanted to buy this issue. I couldn't get hold of one and the Month was coming to an end rather quickly.So I purchased the online addition. I really do like to have my magazines in my hand to scroll through. Or just to look at. I really do have a terrible Craft Magazine addiction and have to pick them up in the supermarket and have a little row with myself over whether I should be allowed it or not. I often win but just lately I have been trying to be really good and not buy. However this one I needed for my Grandchildren he he and so now have on my laptop. This is great for when Crocheting at home but is not ideal if you have a Hospital appointment and want to take some Crochet for the Car Journey or the waiting room. Plus you don't get a free gift!! So I will be cancelling this subscription and buying off the shelf when I need my next Magazine fix. The plus of this online buying is that I got 30 days free. So didn't pay for this mag. I just have to remember to cancel :)
So as I said the time was getting on.... I actually picked up my Crochet hook and started on Saturday the 29th November (oops) Leaving me not much time for this quite fiddly project. Here is my first days work and poor little elfy looking a bit like E.T

The pattern was quite easy to follow and although I didn't use the yarn suggested and just what I had in my stash came together quite well :)
I went onto the Hat next. This was not so easy. Once I had finished it was way too big and couldn't decide whether to sew it on and try to loose the excess all around or unpick and try again. I hate unpicking but as the elf was looking so good I went for this option. I didn't do the last round of increasing. It was still a little too big but much better.

 It was a nightmare to sew to the head though and get it looking neat like the photo in the magazine but I did my best. I enjoyed making his Hair and the little extra's like the frill round the neck were such good finishing touches. Unfortunately due to time my Elf is missing his Cuff's, Booties and Bell but is still adorable. Here he is with his Belt but no legs. 

I made a Box for him to have escaped out of ha ha and tied it up all lovely for Jackson to open. Isabella is a little young. So I will hopefully get round to making her, her own Elf next year when she knows what is going on.

 I wrote them a letter from Santa. You can see that on my Facebook Page Wendy's Crafts and inside I wrote a note from the Elf who had escaped. "Ha ha, He he I have escaped, Come find me. Do you need a WEE?? and then set him up in the toilet. It was so good.

Jackson wasn't too sure with what was going on but he did realise the Elf was being naughty and you could see he liked that. Hopefully I will get time to finish the elf properly once Advent is over and he returns to Santa :)
I so enjoyed making him but wish I had left myself more time to fully enjoy without rushing. 
 Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for Elf updates :)
Just one last quick photo I have now of him with legs :)