Sunday, 22 January 2012

Nappy Cakes, At Peace and Valentines Bunting

Wow I had a great sleep last night, Which goes to show it really doesn't matter if you stay up too late. 
I am learning along with everything else, that I am a worrier, Not in the shaking over emotional sense but in a mind pickling sense, I started reading last night and got right into it but my mind or "other self" kept clock watching, I don't know why as I didn't have anything to do today. I think it must go back to being self Employed and having to be at work all day everyday. Anyway I didn't let this worry me too much as I stayed up reading this;
You can get it here for only £2.55. It is an amazingly touching story and if you like Books which Follow on you should probably read For You first as although it is not a follow on as such the People you meet in For you, also pop in for a look in At Peace :-) 
Omgosh, I haven't finished it yet but let me tell you I had tears streaming down my Face, It was soooo emotional and as with all Kristens Books it is an amazing Story which captures you from beginning to end.
Here is a little peek of something I have been working on, Don't want to show the finished piece (and surprise :-0 it is finished, Took me quite a few hours but I sat down over two days and really enjoyed this and it is the biggest project I have ever started and finished. I am extremely proud ) as it is for my New Grandson, Who is not quite here yet but hopefully wont be long he he, I think maybe making this for him got me to the finishing it stage. 
Also I have been very good and finished making my Valentines Bunting, Have uploaded it to my Facebook Page and my Etsy Shop yeee haaaa I am being good. Oh and I have also entered it here to see if I can win a Free Lesson, If anyone would like to go to the page and hit the Heart in the top right hand corner, That would be a vote for me :-) 
At the beginning of the Year I also had an order for a three tier boys Nappy Cake, This went on my Facebook page but I forgot to pop it here. So to finish off here is my first sale of 2012 and I hope in time there are many more :-)

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