Friday, 21 September 2012

What I have found this week .......

I like a good bargain, In fact I love it.
I am always on the search for the cheapest version of anything. Whether a large appliance, a box of Cornflakes or a way to make something. The latter is my demon. I will see something and think ..." I can make that" then I will spend forever resourcing the products needed for the cheapest possible amount before I even start on making it. 
I also love a freebie :-) but most are rubbish sample products that take forever to fill in your details just to receive something unusable.
Another thing I love doing is finding good Craft idea's that I plan to make but instead normally pin them to my Pinterest and look at them every once in a while haha.
Anyway I found this today. They are FREE yes FREE :-) just click on the link for details.
How fab is that!!! all you have to do is buy the papers Saturday 29th Sept and Sunday 30th and the booklets are inside. So I thought I must share this :-)
Like making Jewellery?? Well have a little lookie what I have found here :-)
Lots and lots of FREE ebooks :-) For resin, Wire, Bezel settings and much more. Just click and download.

I hope this may become a permanent Blog, Maybe sharing a few good sites I find and love and a few offers that cant be resisted. I'll see what happens.

Sunday, 16 September 2012


I like a good Competition but don't have as much time or inclination  to enter as some. Although I think I do get on my Facebook Friends nerves with the Competition posts I share haha
I do however believe that I am very lucky as over the past few months I have done just a little bit of winning.
My first lushus win was through Facebook and The Daily Express Page where I won the Marion Keyes Book - Saved by Cake, along with a lovely assortment of Cooking items. Tins, Ingredients, Decorations, all sorts including my absolute favourite mixing bowl and Purple scraper. 
An absolutely fabulous first win and has come to be my all time favourite cook Book. The Recipes all seem to turn out just perfect and the writing is just so amusing. I really do love this Book. I use the Vanilla Cupcake Recipe all the time for my Cupcakes.
My next win was just the other day and also links with my new hobby Cake making. I really love making Cupcakes and really wanted to have a go at a large Cake as it is my Grandson's Christening on Sunday and would love to make his Cake but as I have never baked a successful large Cake before, Let alone iced and Decorated one I thought it was a bit of a lost cause. Then I saw a Competition running through Good to know website. I have regular updates via Email from them and it is a very informative website. They are Celebrating their 5th Birthday and were asking for people to bake them a Cake. So I did. In the style of what Catherine would like for Jackons Christening Cake. We were going for Blocks on a simple white Cake.

I was so chuffed with it!!! It was huge and ended up giving most of it away as I just couldn't get through it all. Anyway I emailed the Pictures over and guess what??? I came a runner up and won this Fab Cook Book :-)

Here is a link to the Gallery of entrants, with my Picture on the front page :-)
And now for my main reason for this post.


How cool is that. I am sooooo excited. I have been looking at this page nearly every day for weeks but decided I really couldn't afford a subscription just yet. Then I somehow found this lovely Blog and it had a Competition to win a Subscription to the site. So of course I entered and then I won :-) 
I am so so so excited and can't wait to start learning. Here is a link to the Page. If you sign up there are loads of Free Classes to watch.