Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Starting my New Year New Start!!

O.k, So the new Year, New Start thing has taken a while to actually get moving but this week there was a definite shift in the right direction :-)
Things just seem to get in the way and I am more and more realising I need a regimented, organised place to be. I literally work and live in my Bedroom... Yes I am a hermit and my Family joke about me turning into an old Cat Lady with a Rocking chair and Eight Cats, Well I have Two Cats already and have just been given.... Yes given an arm Chair. (I don't want a Rocking Chair as they are not so Comfy) :-) and I don't find the Joke funny I find it realistic. I am a hermit and I am a Granny :-) and I love being both!! I like being on my own and thinking things through. I know I have Friends and Family I can go and see or talk to  if I get lonely or need company but I don't. Catherine comes and visits with Jackson regularly and I drop everything to see and spend time with them. Nothing is more important than them!! and my Mum and Dad are here on tap anytime I want them. I have everything I need :-) I just need to concentrate on resting up and getting better and be able to live a comfortable balanced life in this world.... and getting some regular Money coming in. Now all that at the moment seems hard but I am working on it.
So with this knowledge in hand I have tried to get organised. I have realised my Bedroom for the time being is also going to be my work space. So have thought a lot about storage and comfort. Not having any spare cash puts a dampener on getting going with getting things how I want them but like I said I was donated an armchair by just asking for a cheap one on a local buying site. Someone else's junk was definitely my Treasure and I am sat in it now writing this. With my Bedspread thrown over it, It is just perfect :-)
So with a comfortable place to Crochet I have pulled out a few unfinished projects of mine.... Uh oh....There are lots. I have started another Square on Catherine's Blanket. Which then brings me to writing a Blog post about that and Catching up with where I am. I don't think I have photographed all completed squares. So that is going down on one of my many to do lists :-) and I have pulled out a Baby Cardigan I was Crocheting and managed to pick up from where I left off. It is a 0 - 3 Month size and was originally intended for Jackson who will be one in Two Weeks!!! but will come in just perfect for a very special Friend of mine who was due on Sunday. I've not heard anything yet :-) Luckily it is a thick Chunky Cream Cardi so is perfect for either sex Baby and also for this weather we have. Snow, Snow, Snow. Everytime I pick these projects up I feel good. Like I am finally getting something done and dusted and I don't feel guilty when I start something new. Which I love doing ha ha. At the moment the new is headbands!!
O.k so no pictures in my post today and I do like Blogs with pictures but  must dash as it is 1.17am and I have organising to do. :-) and maybe a little sleeping.
Night night. xx

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