Saturday, 4 January 2014

So it's a New Year again and it wouldn't be proper if I didn't try at my Blog again :-)
Every Year is the same, New Year, New start and must do better ha ha. I really failed last Year!! but I am a fighter and am again hopeful and ready to start blogging :-)
I have just read back on my Blog and I do love it. I think it is a great place to let the craftiness in me out and somewhere to just write what I want.
Although I suffered terribly with my Illness last Year. I do actually think I did very well in getting a little more organised, Finishing off a few work in progress items and general Crafting.
I started the Online Craft Fair on Facebook and have some lovely Stall Holders who I think of as Friends now and actually made a lot of different things and now have an awful lot more work in progress items he he :-)
My goal this Year is to tidy up my Facebook Page. I have started by making a new supplies only Page. It is not published yet but I have transferred a few Ribbons over and am awaiting a little order I placed to just help me along :-) It will be called Wendy's Craft Supplies and my "Making" Page will stay as Wendy's Crafts :-) I want to have all fully edited and Watermarked Photo's and have them all lined to my Website. Quite a large task but completely doable :-) I also hope to grow the Online Craft fair and get a few more good Stalls in and also get that lined up to the Website and one last thing is I would like to keep up a regular Blog. That has always proved very  hard for me in the past. My illness just really doesn't seem to let me but with fingers crossed I try again :-)
I will leave my fist Blog post of 2014 with a Few made by me Photo's.
Happy New Year.

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