Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year

Oh Wow... It's the new Year already :-)
I have been so looking forward to this time coming. It is such a good reason to start again and try harder.
I actually think I did really well with my Blog last Year, Seen as though no one seemed to read it I did keep Blogging. I have only just died off with posts later in the Year. So I give myself a 6/10 for effort :-)
This Year however things must get better and change. This year I am concentrating on my Facebook page becoming a business and the Blog will be where everything else it :-)
All Handmade items for sale or just for fun 
Weight loss posts
Book reviews
Anything I like :-)
I hope I can gather a few loyal fans on the way as it would be much easier for me to post knowing someone is interested ha ha So my first goal is too research fan bases on Blogs. I follow quite a few Blogs myself but never get the chance to actually sit and read them regular. This is one thing I would like to start making time for :-)
On a really good note. I gave up smoking last Year and the counter on my Blog says I haven't smoked for 379 Days!! Wow that is amazing. I did it for my Grandson. He was born on 9th Feb 2012.... A nice reason to do so.
Here is a recent snap of the Cheeky little boy :-)
I am going to start dieting again. I am 40 in May and would like to be fitter and look better. I think this gives me a nice bit of time to loose some weight again on the good side the last time I used the weight tracker at the top of my Blog I was 203lb I really thought I had put on huge amounts but weighing myself this morning I have put on  11lbs. I suppose that sounds a lot really but jugding the fact I was 17 Stone at my Heaviest and got down to 14.4 at my best diet I am now 15.4 I thought I would have more to loose to get to 14.4. This is my first goal weight :-)
o.k so enough about that, Lets finish with a quick picture of what I have been working on at the Lately :-)

Quick question in case anyone is reading this. Does anyone know hoe to change the font and size permanently in Blogger. I type away then find it's too small and don't like it only to have to go back over and edit it all?? Would be a great help if you do.... 

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