Friday, 11 January 2013

Understanding Etsy

One thing I plan on doing this Year is understanding Etsy a bit more.
I have had a Shop there since 2010 but never really stocked it with much.
This Year I have started to list a few things but I have a long way to go.
I did get a lovely sale there shortly after listing and this makes me eager for more.
So I get these Emails from them and leave them in my inbox to read later ha ha. A Month later they get deleted for being too old. So tonight I read one!! and it was WOW... It gave me a really good approach to setting goals..... achievable ones :-)
The link is here if anyone is interested.
I also found a great place to start. It's called The quick start guide to selling on Etsy ha ha. Maybe I should have found and read this in 2010. Never mind... Better late than never.
Anyway here is a link to my Shop
Wendy's Crafts
and a little Picture because I like Pictures on Blogs :-)

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