Monday, 4 January 2010

What a lovely day I've had

Hi all,
This year as well as card making I plan to expand my craftyness. Sewing, Cooking and Crochet to name a few. My mum dropped her sewing machine off the other day for me and I plan to use it. Have signed up to this site and plan to hopefully follow. This week it's Carrot cake mmmm and as I have a shop I really need to be on top of things occaision wise. So have sorted my shop a little, Cleaned the windows (wow) and trying to get ready for Valentines day. (think this is the next big date on the diary).I didn't realise I had so many red things but I just needed a bit more red so I painted some glasses I had. Never done this before but was pretty pleased with them.
Here they are.

And here's my Valentines shelves.

Also popped into the Charity shop to see if I could get a table cloth, Came out with a lovely one for £1.50 two pillow cases to practice sewing on 25p and this!!!

It cost me £1.50 !!!! Everything was 1/2 price. I love it. Planning on sanding it down and recovering the top but even if I don't get round to that it's perfect for all my sewing makes.

One more quick amazing thing.... I got an e-mail yesterday from Crafty ribbons. I think it was the first 10 e-mails they received they would send out a free pack of Valentines ribbons. I e-mailed not expecting anything and got confirmation this morning that I am going to get a pack. I am well chuffed with this. Never take the time to enter things like this but my new year, new start is really working fine. Just got another e-mail from them with a tutorial on how to make ribbon flowers. If anyone is interested it is here.

Things are looking good.

Wendy. xx


  1. really lovely! is that a shop you have?

  2. Yes it is. I have a little craft and Gift shop. It opened on Dec 1st. All very exciting. Don't know how else to reply to you. I hope you get this.x

  3. I did get this thanks :) Wow! well done you and good luck with it!

  4. Ooh your own craft and gift shop - I hope you have great success with it! The Valentine display looks fantastic and you definitely picked up a few bargains x

  5. Wow! Lovely glasses and Valentine display - wish I lived nearer so I could visit your shop!

  6. How exciting, would love to come and have a look round your shop!!!

  7. Thank you all for your lovely comments.
    You are welcome anytime rainmac. x