Saturday, 9 January 2010

Well I have been without internet all day at work and have so much to show you.

First off I made another card using my minds eye papers. I really love these this time I used the bloom and go range.

The image is one I bought from here I have just found this site and love all her drawings.

The dots down the side look like brads but they are actually dots from Anita's Glitteration stickers.

I also tried a tutorial on how to make this card for my website. Just simple taking pictures as I went along. Not sure if it is any good but trying out new things all the time.

My website has been coming along nicely and will launch it soon on here. Just a few more things to add and although I haven't got everything on there I think it is ready to show people. It is really scary though worried in case it doesn't work properly but I wont know until I show people so fingers crossed.

Another make I have finished. I found the pattern here
I had a lot of laughs making this. I am not a skilled knitter
but thought I was better than I actually was. Did a bit of
Googling to remember how you pick up stiches and what not
Didn't realise I could forget things so quickly.
I put a little Jasmine oil on a tissue inside the stuffing
and it smells lovely.
Hoping to make more of these to sell in the shop.


  1. Lovely card, it's so cute!!!

  2. The card is so pretty. Love the knitted heart as well. Hugs, Annexxx