Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Well I have been busy.

Gosh I have been really busy today and what with that blinkin snow it has taken up alot of my time. I had to clear the path to the shop in case someone came in. Look what happened!!!

Before you ask... no I haven't got any young children to amuse I made him all by myself. I am so proud. always hated the snow as a child it was to cold for me but I thoroughly enjoyed myself this morning. I can really see what fun can be had.

While I am frequently updating my blog I thought I would put my pictures on as well. Then everything is in the same place. I'll see how it goes and if too much will maybe start a different blog.

So here goes. The first one is the view from my window yesterday as the snow started.The Second is this morning. What a change and how beautiful.


  1. Haha fab snowman! You're never too old to be a big kid and play in the snow - wish I could but I gotta work from home instead x

  2. lol I was working too
    Great job I have he he. x

  3. Hi Wendy, it is lisa here from stampin craft fairy
    Could you email me please on as i can not find an email from you!!

    Hugs Lisa xxx