Monday, 6 October 2014

Always on my mind

Getting back to my Blog has been on my mind for ages now. The thoughts have been coming stronger and stronger. Now they are coming as actual Blog posts. My mind is processing some of my thoughts as written out posts. So I think it must be time to get back here and write some things down before I go crazy :-)
I have so much I want to do/be but what with my illness I seem to have so little time to get things done.
Just a quick Paragraph about my illness as I don't want it to take over my Blog posts but as it is such a huge part of my life I am sure it will be mentioned a lot. I have Chronic Fatigue and Pain Syndrome and it has been diagnosed as Fibromyalgia due to other symptoms of which I won't go into now but are equally exhausting/painful. It effects me daily and takes a huge chunk of my life away but I am trying to fight it :-)
So where to start??
I would like to Blog about my Creativity and things I make.
I would like to review items I use that I feel need a review.
I would like to talk more about my illness but not make my posts all about it.
I am also interested in bettering my diet and losing some weight. This at the moment is heading in the direction of wheat and dairy free but having tried this before and getting bored easily I am going to try and change over slowly with some healthy evening meals to start with and slowly making my diet wheat and dairy free. So this will possibly be blogged about as well.  I am not looking forward to losing my milk :-(
I would like to just talk generally about my life... That being I am 41 Years old. My body mostly feels 81 and my mind feels about 21. This makes my life a bit difficult as my brain is always engaging in new and exciting things and my body just wont follow. I have a beautiful Daughter Catherine, Who has given me Two beautiful Grandchildren Jackson and Bella who I am able to use as models for a few of my makes ha ha and no doubt they will be popping up a lot as they are my whole world.
Oh and I also enter the odd Competition so if I win anything I will no doubt also Blog about that :-)
Think that is a quick bio and game plan all sorted so let's get on with some photo's :-)
I love pictures in a blog post and would usually just scroll by if one it is just writing. Unless it is on a subject I am very interested in so I thought for my new Blog post I will leave you with a lovely couple of Collages of things I have made :-)

So as you can see I dabble in all sorts of Crafts. Lot's and Lot's ha ha and still have more I want to try. So hopefully I will have plenty to Blog about.
 If you are reading this, I thank you very much and please if you feel you can, leave a comment as I love to know who is about what you think.
Thank you 
I just want to leave you with this lol My spelling is quite bad and I often go to google to check things out as I hate bad GrGrammar I was having a problem with losing as it just felt to me like it needed two oo's as in loosing. I googled it and this is what I got from urban dictionary. My first chuckle of the day :-)
 loosing. You never use this word so please spell "losing" correctly from now on. You mean you are LOSING the war, not LOOSING you idiot!


  1. Well done to you for being so honest about what your going through.
    Just take things at a pace you feel comfortable with and don't put any time constraints on yourself.
    If you want to share it, then do so, if not then you know the answer.
    I can't wait to see more of your lovely crafts x

    1. Aww thanks Ness, I think it is all to do with the healing process. They say you go through stages. I definitely went through an anger stage recently. So maybe now I am in the acceptance stage :-)