Tuesday, 21 February 2012

An Outspoken view of mine.

I don't normally Post or have an outspoken view on things to do with other people. I don't like to judge or show my views in case I upset or anger anyone. (saying the wrong thing is a real issue I have, although the wrong thing does often escape from my mouth without me having a choice lol ) but it is so sad about Whitney Houston. She taught me an awful lot through her Music about being a strong and independent Woman. I was just listening to "it's not right but it's ok"  and the line "I'd rather be alone than unhappy" rang out. She seemed to stay so long in her marriage addicted to  drugs (So it seems through media, I don't know her personally and dont like to judge ;-)  )  but if all that is true why sing all these independent and strong songs yet yourself stay in an unhappy and wreck your life Marriage???

Just a thought that came in my Mind whilst listening and thought I would share it :-)
My absolute all time favourite Whitney Song and also the one I learnt the most best piece of advice from is "The Greatest Love of all"

Rip Whitney. xx

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