Friday, 17 February 2012

Can Covers

So as a run on from my previous post Saleable, I am Crocheting Can covers and thoroughly enjoying it.  I thought I would go basic as I am going to meetings to get me back to full strength and on our first visit I was classed as reckless!!.... me reckless I couldn't believe it but on thinking and talking this through I decided I quite like being reckless.... maybe this is for another post lol as i have gone off the point... what I was trying to say was for my first Can Cover I decided to just go with a different Colour for two stripes in Double Crochet...... Yes being reckless lol I wanted to change this and do a row of Treble here and maybe 3 rows of double instead of two but persevere I did and got a lovely creation :-) and then was able to go on and be reckless, putting together different stitch combinations ;-)
My Colour inspiration was our living room the main Colour lime Green, I wanted a stripy random look but also I do like Colour coding my rooms for some reason so need to keep with that theme too. So thought I would just add a lot more green to various other colours,
Look what I my first two rows were though, 

This if you don't know is Nigeria's Colours and the only reason I know this is I was very fortunate a while a go to meet a very hmmmm lovely Nigerian Gentleman and ohhh he was so lovely :-) So this Crochet for me project has not only helped me Craft for me and become less reckless lol it has brought back sweet memories of a time that seems a million years ago and what sweet, sweet memories they are :-) 
and do you also know what? I have actually finished a few...
Not a brilliant Picture but a finished product no less :-)
Little update on Jackson - He is still adorable and content and just beautiful, Here have a peek at this little beauty.

He is just about an hour old here :-)
Gosh I seem to have so much to say today but the last thing is this;

I joined Laalaa's  travelling box this Year and I received the Box on Monday last week, What happens is this - there is a huge list of people on the Box list and I was 2nd. We receive the box and take out anything we like. I received the box from a lovely lady who's Blog is  The Snail Garden and also this lovely Gift from her. 

Thank you so much for this. 
I took out a Magazine, Some Fabric and some Beads. Not sure if I was too greedy but I did put back one of each item I took and a few extra bits. I have lots of left overs from my Craft Shop so I am thinking about starting a Box myself, if anyone is interested let me know :-)

So I am just about to send this off to the next lucky Person on the list. 
 I had a mass response on Facebook to my last post, Really overwhelming, Thank you so much to everyone who commented on this, It really is lovely to know what People think of my Blog. 

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