Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Celebrity Crush and Crochet Heart Bunting oh and Blocking ;-)

I have always had a problem choosing a Celebrity Crush. I did used to have a crush on Anthony Edwards on ER and then his Character died :-( 
but I have just finished watching Dancing on Ice and wow and Corr, Watching Matthew from Emmerdale dance to Nightfever..... Gave me a Fever, Watch this

So yay I have a new Celebrity Crush
(I've just watched this clip again and oh wow it is soooo good, He is so slick )
I have had a few things craftwise on the go and one of those that I haven't got round to Blogging about is my Heart bunting. It was a start and get to the end finished project!!! and takes pride of place at the top of my bed :-) 
It was a pretty simple project and made in an Evening but I did have to block it as the Hearts turned up at the ends. I don't often Block much so I took a few pictures to show how it's done.


I literally finished Crocheting all 6 Hearts and got a very Hard Pillow ( I used my Memory Foam one ) I clipped a Bath towel around it then pinned each Heart to the Towel So they were stretched out to the same shape. I then lightly sprayed them with water and left to dry :-) I think it helped as they don't seem to roll up any more but unless I do one without blocking it I wont really know. Anyway I felt very professional doing it he he 

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