Monday, 15 October 2012

Christmas Cards

Helllooo... Been a while but again I have not been idle.  I have loads to Blog but just haven't got round to it!! Sooo today I am sharing with you.... My Christmas Cards.... Yes I am that organised :-)Card Making is where my Crafting first started and I am very please to have got back into it. I used to sell quite a few of my Cards in the Shop but when it closed I stopped. 

So me and my Mum popped to the Range the other week to see a friend demo for Trimcraft. She was so good she got me spending!!! I bought the lovely new 12 x 12 Christmas Paper Stocking Fillers

and the 8 x 8 Special delivery paper pack and Decoupage pack along with a few other bits :-) I thought the Two paper packs went well together.

I wanted to make a few different simple designs that can be easily made and kept to a good price as Cards in Shops these days re so cheap and this is the Range I came up with.
I made a little Folder for them to go in and I think they make a fabulous gift. I m going to make a mixed everyday pack next.
For details of the full range click here :-)

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