Friday, 21 September 2012

What I have found this week .......

I like a good bargain, In fact I love it.
I am always on the search for the cheapest version of anything. Whether a large appliance, a box of Cornflakes or a way to make something. The latter is my demon. I will see something and think ..." I can make that" then I will spend forever resourcing the products needed for the cheapest possible amount before I even start on making it. 
I also love a freebie :-) but most are rubbish sample products that take forever to fill in your details just to receive something unusable.
Another thing I love doing is finding good Craft idea's that I plan to make but instead normally pin them to my Pinterest and look at them every once in a while haha.
Anyway I found this today. They are FREE yes FREE :-) just click on the link for details.
How fab is that!!! all you have to do is buy the papers Saturday 29th Sept and Sunday 30th and the booklets are inside. So I thought I must share this :-)
Like making Jewellery?? Well have a little lookie what I have found here :-)
Lots and lots of FREE ebooks :-) For resin, Wire, Bezel settings and much more. Just click and download.

I hope this may become a permanent Blog, Maybe sharing a few good sites I find and love and a few offers that cant be resisted. I'll see what happens.

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