Friday, 8 July 2011

Long time no post.

Well I have been away for ages but I am back, don't know for how long but a small flare for crafting has returned to me and I like my Blog!
Even though I am not in Business anymore (huge horrible long story, that I am trying to pretend hasn't happened) I looked through my Blog and thought it was great!! Lots of things that I have made all in one place and that, I like, very much. It gives me a sense of achievement. It doesn't even matter that I hardly ever have any comments lol. I still like it so I have decided to return.
It has been an absolute shit year for me. There is no other way to describe it!!! I have had highs but at the moment can only reflect and feel the lows. It is hard, very hard to move on but I am trying to do my best and so here I am Blogging again and it feels good.
All items that I make are on my Facebook business page;
and I am doing a bit of comping on my private page;
or you can follow me on twitter;!/Wendyscrafts
Ha ha just in case anyone is interested.
Well the reason for my post is this;
Isn't it wonderful!
It is the best flower pattern I have seen and so I have started to have a go at making some. It looks like it may take a while I will post when done.
I am just making some pamper basket up to try and sell and wanted something of mine that I have made and thought these would be lovely on ladies ones.
Well my first of hopefully many posts. xxxx

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  1. Hi Wendy - sorry to hear you've been having such a crappy time and also about your shop. Hope things start to look up for you. I'm following you on Twitter now as well x