Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Gerbera knit - Crochet

Well after my last post I had a go at the Gerbera. This is what I got after two sessions.


(What I call a session is - Sit down, Craft till bored- go do something else) These two sessions were probably 15mins total as I do find Knitting not as exciting or easy as Crochet.
So me being me decided to have a go at a Crochet Gerbera. Got all my books out and had a search - Couldn't find anything that was even half as nice as the Knitted one. So..... me being me again decided to have a go at converting the pattern to Crochet. This really really didn't work. I then had the genius idea to do this;

Chain 11, Double crochet in 2nd Chain and all the way around the Chain until you get back to where you started. Double Crochet all the way done one side. Slip stitch at the bottom.
If anyone is actually interested in this and doesn't understand, Let me know and I will post more detail.
Do this until you have 32 petals as per the pattern and here we have what I did again after 2 sessions. ( These were longer more enjoyable, So I got more done)

12 Petals, They are a lot bigger but you can just adjust the stitches and hook size.
It looks just as good if not better ;-) than the Knit petal and was soooo much more enjoyable for me. I still have a way to go but at least it's an enjoyable start.
Well there you go hope you enjoy Crocheting Gerbera's. xxxxx

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