Monday, 15 February 2010

Prize winner.

Thank you to everyone who joined in with my giveaway. Everyone who posted a link got a ticket and then again for a second comment. I feel quite chuffed that people are following me even if we didn't get too many people. So thanks again it means alot.
I put all your names on a piece of paper and drew the winner.
So the winner randomly drawn by me is .......... Rusty
Well done Rusty if you could e-mail me your full name and address at I will promtly send you your stamp and special little gift.
If you still want any of the pepper and friends range you can buy here

Happy Birthday to my Mum. xxx


  1. Wow thankyou so much! I am sooooo excited! xxxx

    Happy birthday to your mum! xx

  2. Well done our Rusty - Happy Birthday to your Mum Wendy xxx

  3. Thanks for your comments everyone. I really enjoyed my giveaway and hope to have more soon.
    Congrats on the win Rusty. It's in the post as we speak. Cant wait to see what you do with it.
    Thanks Thrifty and Rusty will pass the message on to my Mum. xxxx