Friday, 12 February 2010

Give away!!

Many many thanks to the 3 lovely people who are already in with a chance of winning Pepper and friends - Good dog stamp from me.
I'm not going to drag this out as I know I don't have lots of followers but just thought I'd post a little inspiration for anyone else who might like to enter.
I am going to draw the winner on Monday 15th February and as this date is very special (My Mums birthday) I am going to add a little extra suprise.
If you would like to be in with a chance of winning . Please just post a comment on this post and a link to your blog would also be lovely. All I ask of the winner is a Craft item including the stamp to show off in my shop. Here are some wonderful cards my friend Tracey made for me to show.
Also if you have already entered you are very welcome to enter again and I will put your name into the draw twice. xx
Heres a link to my pepper page on e-bay, Just put on more pepper items at a very good price!!!


  1. Thank you very much Rusty. xx

  2. Those cards are fab! I'd leave a link to my blog if I knew how! I'll try to find out & come back later.....

  3. Those cards are sooooo pretty x

  4. Thank you Marg and Rainmac, I'm looking for more people to be my design team type thing if anyone is interested. Also with knitting and Crochet if anyone is interested in that too. xx

  5. Oh I love those cards - they are gorgeous!

  6. Im off to linky on my blog.. I thought that i already had ....oops