Thursday, 30 August 2012

Ripple Blanket and Jackson

Motivation around the House has been slow of late. I have had no want or need to do much except rest and pin things on my Pinterest boards :-)
The last few days however I have had a bit of something going on in my head. Possible Blog posts have been floating around, Finishing of Crochet items, a little bit of Cake making and so here I am with a Blog ha ha
I remembered a few Posts ago here, That I gave a sneaky peek of a Ripple Blanket I was making for my Grandson. He was not born when I started it and I was worried I wouldn't get it finished as I do have a tendency to have an awful lot of unfinished projects lying around :-S
Anyway I forgot to show the finished Blanket, So here it is :-)

It has had quite a bit of use :-) Here is Jackson just a few minutes old with his Blanket 
and one day old :-)
It has since got a little warm for this Blanket as it was made from Aran Yarn. So I have started making him a new, lighter weight Blanket :-) This time I decided to do a Granny Square as we have noticed that Jackson likes to hold things close to his head whilst going to sleep and also like me he has a need to put his Fingers and Toes through holey Blankets. I found this out a few Months ago. Whilst I was looking after him he was getting tired and it was getting a little chilly so I sorted through the airing cupboard and found Catherine's Baby Blanket that my Nan had knitted her. I was so chuffed as my Nan is no longer with us it gave Jackson a little bit of her. Look at these beautiful Pictures I got of him.
This was taken the end of June, Jackson is nearly 5 Months old here.

So gorgeous

I so love this photo.
Isn't this just adorable 
It is so canny. It is just what I do even now as an adult.
And so the "yet another Crochet Project" has begun although hopefully it will not take too long as it is for my very special boy :-) 

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