Monday, 12 April 2010

Gosh I can't believe where all the time goes. I have been busy honestly!!!
I have been working on my website trying to load all the pics and descriptions and it takes ages.
Think I'm getting there but it looks a bit dull to me. Should be able to launch it soon. Have to change my DNS (If you know anything about websites) and the company who holds it is in France with no phone number or Email. So it's been a bit tricky sorting it.
Anyway heres a quick look at my very first Nappy Cake I have made. I was really chuffed with this.

I have been meaning to make one for ages but never got round to it until my wonderful friend ordered one. So happy with how it turned out. I am trying to make more to put on my website and maybe some smaller one to sell in the shop.
This one sold for £45 In it is;
Approx 50 Pampers Nappies
Supersoft Baby Blanket
Johnsons Talc
4 pairs Baby socks
Baby burping Cloth
2 Baby sleepsuits
1 pair frilly pants
1 Bib
Cuddle toy.
All topped off with a big pink bow (which I have now learnt to make, Been wanting to do that for ages too)


  1. WOW!! That is stunning!!! I love it xx

  2. Thank you so much. It's lovely to get feedback on my items. x

  3. Ooohhh that's gorgeous, what a fantastic baby gift x

  4. Thanks Rainmac, Hope they Sell well. x

  5. What a beautiful nappy cake!! I bet they will sell well! Hope to see you back on the forum soon x

  6. Hi Rusty, Thanks for your comment. Will be back on real soon. Once the website is active I can list as and when and hopefully have plenty of time to come back and chat. I do keep reading your posts all though am a bit behind at the mo.
    Thanks for all the messages. xxx