Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Well lets see if I can do this. Here's my post it note holders, Memo pads and Calender holders. Decided not to use bull clip on post it notes as seems pointless because you cant pull them off. So used some double sided tape to stick them to the card.

Then theses are my Flowersoft cards I had ordered. Not done much flowersoft before but enjoyed it. Was really pleased with these. Just embossed a little around the edges. Made each one slightly different.

And as i'm on a roll with photo's, This is my bargain from staples. It's pick and mix for £3.99 and I was chuffed with how much I fitted into the container. Just had to share it!!!

Photo's not very good as I don't have a camera, just use my phone but better than nothing. xxx


  1. Love your co-ordinated post-it note holders, calendars and notebooks, they are gorgeous x

  2. I love how everything matches.
    Need to go to Staples now - those clips are fab!

  3. Beautiful things on your blog! Lovely to see lots of new things, I bet you are now glad you found your blog!

  4. They're gorgeous - love the colours!

  5. Hi Love your post-it Note holders and calendars they are great, I made calendars last year but had a month to a page (using calendar tabs) but like your idea better. I also went to staples and bought a pot of bits except I bought all paper clips, great value for £3.99
    Might have to go back and buy some more of the clips.