Sunday, 9 November 2008

First blog!!!

Hi there, My name is Wendy and I am in awe of all the craft blogs I have found today. So with just a few hours before bedtime I thought I would quickly try to join you all with my own blog.

I run my own business "Wendy's cafe and sandwich bar" in the village of Yatton. So don't at the moment get much time off (in fact today is my first proper day off in 7 months!!!) Although saying that I do try to fit in as much time as I can crafting. We have a little card class running at my cafe on tues afternoons that my mum and myself get to make some cards. Without that i really wouldn't get much crafting done.


  1. Hi Wendy hello and welcome to blogging and thanks for joining my follwers list I will do the same

  2. Hi Wendy sorry just read your other post on my blog about the craft bundle of mine not sure how much postage would be as it would have to be sent by parcel forces or something, but if you really wanted to bid or make me a good offer I could find out for you. Give me an e-mail on

  3. Hello Wendy
    Firstly welcome to blogger hun, you will soon be addicted lol
    secondly thanks for following my blog, i look forward to seening your blog bloom
    Susie x